International BankingInternational Banking

Saman pays special attention to the development of skills and expertise in international banking. Major achievements in this area have given Saman a special position in the Iranian banking system. Currently, Saman offers a full range of international banking services, particularly supporting finance of trade for industrial and commercial sectors, in order to promote and enhance the Iranian foreign trade in the international arena.

To this end, Saman strives to maintain and strengthen its position in the areas where the Bank achieved its best performances during recent years. These achievements were mainly realized as a result of the following actions:

  1. Maintaining and increasing Bank’s share in foreign currency services among Iranian banks;
  2. Becoming the first-choice as local banking partner for international banks and foreign beneficiaries for correspondent banking in their transactions with Iran;
  3. Pioneering in the finance of importing essential commodities and goods (food, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment) through innovative payment routes and channels;
  4. Maintaining the highest share in effective utilization of funds released under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed between Iran and P5+1;
  5. Being selected by the CBI as one of the two Iranian banks to provide and distribute foreign currency to students overseas and university professors on sabbatical leave, as well as for pilgrimage and medical trips.
  6. Functioning as one of the three selected Iranian banks for providing foreign currency for the Iranian nationals travelling abroad;
  7. Offering superior foreign currency services to protect the pioneering status of the bank.
  8. Providing tailor-made services for target customer groups based on their specific needs and requirements.

International Banking Strategy

Our Aim:

  • Maintaining and Expanding market share on trade finance of  Food Commodities, Pharmaceutical, and mining
  • Maintaining the first choice of beneficiaries and correspondent banks
    • Managing the right number of correspondent banks/partners globally
  • Having a strong foothold in the forex market locally
    • To become the preferred choice for correspondent banking
  • Expand presence where our clients operate the most:
    - Europe (Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France)
    - Middle East (UAE)
    - Asia
    - Far East

Servies Offered

  • Issuing documentary letters of credit and Letters of Guarantee.
  • Documentary bills for collection.
  • Advising and negotiating export documentary LCs.
  • Providing different methods of payment.
  • Specialized treasury services to corporate clients.
  •   Inward and outward payment orders and transfers.