Saman Bank services to activists in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals

May 12, 2018 6:15 PM

Saman Bank has always been a pioneer in offering a variety of Rial, foreign exchange and e-banking services.

The transformation of Saman Bank into the first choice of target customers inside Iran and international banks to create effective brokerage relationships since 2011 was introduced as a strategy in Saman Bank. From the same year, we aimed to expand the volume of international transactions and set up currency operations as a central focus of the Bank's strategy and began extensive planning and efforts.

With that same look, this important goal was not overlooked even in the face of severe economic sanctions, and over the years we have provided valuable and extensive services and efforts in the field of import and export.

In addition to making great effort to develop brokerage relationships with reputable international banks, we have provided new banking services for active participation in events as well as the development of relationships with business and commercial actors internationally, including attracting more than 1,400 new customers in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries last year.

Types of Banking Services

We are particularly prepared for the oil, gas and petrochemical industry to provide all the communication and executive capacities for provision of foreign exchange and Rial services to producers, exporters of petroleum and non-oil products, as well as merchants of service companies in this area.

 We are proud to announce that the Saman Finance Group has been able to make a significant contribution to meeting the needs of Economic activists in this area by creating a wide range of financial transactions, including bank international payments, as well as helping to foreign investment in Iran and joint ventures between Iranian and foreign companies in the petroleum industries and oil and petrochemical products.

Our priority is to provide the highest and the most qualified financial and consulting services to oil and petrochemical companies.

Foreign Exchange services

• Providing services for the opening of imported L/C (At Sight and Usance) and notification and transaction of export L/C

• Providing services for receiving and paying for foreign exchange sources through a worldwide banking network throughout the world  in partnership with official brokers

• Issuance of currency exchange

• The possibility of buying foreign exchange from exports of petroleum and non-oil products

• Issuance of a variety of foreign exchange guarantees

• Granting foreign exchange facilities from the National Development Fund

• Providing banking foreign services to major international companies for the purchase and sale of petroleum and petrochemical products throughout the world through the International Banking Network

Rial Services

• Financing developmental plans

• Syndicated Loan: The loan is granted through the participation of several credit institutes in the form of an Islamic contract.

• Granting of working capital facilities

• Issuance of various types of Rial guarantees

• Financing through issuance of debt securities

• Granting facilities to employees working in companies contracting with us: This kind of service is provided through “Yari Card” and "Karsaz" projects, that facilities of “Yari Card” project are the same as the credit card and can be used in the stores designated by us. In the "Karsaz" project, we also grant credit similar to credit cards to employees of companies and trade guilds through credit tools that the amount used from the maximum credit will be settled from the first monthly salary of the employees.

Consulting services

• Providing foreign exchange counseling services to establish a direct banking platform for eliminating non-bank charges and reducing the time of international foreign exchange payment and foreign exchange charges. With regard to the cooperation of official brokers with us, we will be able directly and in the shortest time possible to conduct foreign exchange transactions.

• Corporate banking services to large and industrial units in order to attract domestic and export customers: Our corporate banking department works at the same time to provide all the foreign exchange and Rial services to large customers.




• Providing e-services through Corporate NetBank: At corporate Netbank, senior executives can control and view bills, funds transfer, check booklet, and more.

• Receiving invoices through the International Swift System in MT940 format. Customers will be able to receive and view all of available turnover of their invoices via the Swift system.

for more information, you can contact Saman Bank International Management at +9821-23095501 or Corporate Banking Management at +9821-23095681 or send your request to


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