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call-center We want to hear from you as we welcome your feedback and render serious resolutions to our personnel based on your comments and complaints to provide you with better services. Send us your compliments and complaints and let us know how we can help you. Please email, fax, call or come in person. We survey in branch and online.

  • Customer care department monitors the services to ensure full satisfaction of our clients.
  • Quality and speed are of the highest importance to our customer service.
  • Saman care department is there for you during working hours:
    - Call at 021-6422 (ext. 4)
    - Fax at 021-22017943
    - Send your written requests, comments or complaints to info@sb24.com for our prompt response.
    - Send your documents or letters to our postal box: 15175-5565
Call Center

Make a phone call 24/7 at 021-6422 and ask us to provide you with proper services you need at the moment. You can talk to our experts or VIP Customer Service.

Telephone Bank:
Saman is there for you 24/7 via Telephone Bank.
Dial 021-6422 and press 1. Enter your customer number and telephone bank password.
If you do not have a password, make us a visit in person and ask for a password.

Use our automated services
  • Check your account balance.
  • Check up to three recent transactions.
  • Receive your account balance via fax.
  • Transfer money between Saman accounts.
  • Block your cards.
  • Track your checks.

Track the process your checks are going through and in the situations urgent actions are necessary for instance if you need to block a check just make a call.

  • Pay your bills.
  • Receive SHABA Need your SHABA?
    Enter your Saman account number and obtain it on your phone.

Talk to Experts:
If you press 2 you can find an expert to answer to your inquiries 24/7.

We take your compliments or complaints very seriously.
Private & Premier Customer Service:
Private and premier clients press 3 after dialing 021-6422 and let us help you in an especial way. We hear your concerns and try our best to come up with a proper resolution. 24/7 Contact Saman Telephone Bank Talk to Experts VIP Customer Service Telephone Bank Pay Bills SHABA Accounts Cards Checks Change Password

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Our head offices are located at five different sites in Tehran:
Parkway, College, Atefi, Vozara and Molla Sadra.

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Saman Bank’s Head Offices are located at five different sites in Tehran.


Parkway Building

Address: 2, Tarkeshdooz Alley, before Parkway Cross, Valiasr St., Tehran
Switchboard: (+98 21) 2309 5100                     
Fax: (+98 21) 2621 1043

Parkway building is home to the following departments:



Telephone number

Fax number

Email address

Corporate Banking

Morrovat Ranjbar

(+98 21)23095656

(+98 21) 26210928


Retail Banking

mohammad Farokhipoor

(+98 21) 23095618

(+98 21) 26211087


International Banking

Hassan Dehghanizade

(+98 21)23095501

(+98 21)26210931




Ehsan Torkaman

(+98 21) 23095426

(+98 21) 26210915


Compliance and Anti-money laundering

Siamak Shahbazzadeh

(+98 21)23095401

 (+98 21)26211035


Retail and Syndicated Credit

Reza Shirin Goharian

(+98 21)23095606

(+98 21)26210932


senior director procurements

Mohammad hassan Dolati

(+98 21)23095366

(+98 21) 26211088


Human Capital

Fereshteh Zarrabieh

(+98 21)23096202

(+98 21)26210866


strategy management

Mohammadreza Eghtesadian

(+98 21) 23095344



Hossein Naghipoor Mansour

(+98 21)23095649

(+98 21)26210932


Saeid Liravy

(+98 21)64034831

(+98 21)26210868



Sayeh Building

Address:  1, Soltani (sayeh) Alley Past Niyayesh Crossing, Valiasr St., Tehran
Switchboard: (+98 21) 2201 7941, 2202 3716,2202 3718, 2621 9727  
Fax: (+98 21) 2621 1087, 2202 7985

sayeh building is home to the following departments:



Telephone number

Fax number

Email address

Public Relations and Customer Care

Farnood Hassani

(+98 21)23095503

(+98 21)22659427


Manoocher Dabirian


(+98 21)22656736


Improvement & Quality

Marziye Azizi

Ext. 4100

(+98 21) 22656736


Marketing & Product Development Division

Morteza Hosseininejad


(+98 21) 22656736


Electronic Banking

Abbasmirza Nayyeri

(+98 21)64034205

(+98 21)22659389



College Building

Address: 879, between College Cross and Valiasr Cross, Enghelab Ave., Tehran Switchboard: (+98 21)64034000, 66959050        
Fax: (+98 21)66408324  

College building is home to the following departments:



Telephone number

Fax number

Email address

Information Technology

Hamidreza Alavizadeh

(+98 21) 64034413

(+98 21)66965865


Vozara Building

Address: 3rdh Fl., No.11, 7th St., Vozara Ave., Tehran
Switchboard: (+98 21) 8870 5829, 88705813                     
Fax: (+98 21) 8870 5823

Vozara building is home to the following departments:



Telephone number

Fax number

Email address

Saman Academy

Davood Souri

(+98 21) 88552249

(+98 21) 88552252


(+98 21) 88705800


Arjantin Building

Address: 10th Floor, Arian Tower,Bucharest 8th Street,Argentina Square,Tehran
Switchboard:(+98 21)88759239,88757549,88757546
Fax:(+98 21)88759231

Investment office is home to the following departments:



Telephone number




Director of Internal Audit & Control

Ghassem Sarkhosh

(+98 21)88755333-5


Zaferaniyeh Building

Address: 1st Floor, No. 3, Taheri St. , Street martyr Fallahi , Zaferanieh,Tehran
Switchboard: (+98 21)26850098
Fax: (+98 21)26850686

Private and Premier Banking office is home to the following departments:



Telephone number

Private and Premier Banking

Maziyar Fozouni

(+98 21)26850098