Saman Financial Group

In addition to Saman Bank, the Saman Financial Group comprises a further nine subsidiary companies that it has launched or acquired a substantial stake in during 2003-2012. These entities operate independently under the Bank’s supervision to provide specific services to the Bank, its clients and to the wider market place.
Founded in 2003, Saman Kish Electronic Payment Company is responsible for Saman Bank’s key customer-facing electronic systems including ATMs, self-service kiosks, e-commerce and POS solutions. As the first provider of online payment services in the country, Saman Kish Electronic Payment Company played a crucial role in establishing Saman Bank as the leader in electronic banking during its first decade of operation.
Established in 2004, Saman SCG provides data transfer, satellite telecommunications and satellite teleports. SCG received the First Grade Award of Excellence from the Iranian Communications Regulatory Authority in 2013 and is the only Iranian company to have received this prestigious award for three consecutive years. Other achievements during 2013/14 included the Award for Best SAP Operator at the National ICT Festival, and Best ICT Service Exporter in Tehran Province, as recognised by Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines.
Saman Exchange was founded in 2004 to provide a full range of foreign exchange and international payment services. It was the first foreign exchange company to be registered in Iran as a subsidiary of a privately owned bank. In 2013/14, as a result of its high volume of currency exchange, Saman Exchange secured the second rank among the 44 bank-owned exchange companies in Iran.
In 2004, Saman Insurance Company obtained its licence from Iranian Central Insurance to provide a full range of insurance services. In 2013/14, Iranian Central Insurance awarded SIC the First Level ranking for financial strength. Other achievements this year include a commendation for the best rank in public relations from the Insurance Industry Festival.
Kerishchi Brokerage Company was originally established in 1993 as the first brokerage firm in Iran. Renamed as Saman Brokerage Company in 2006 when Saman Bank purchased 49% of its shares, the company provides a wide range of brokerage, underwriting and consultancy services, including futures trading, portfolio management, market-making and investment advisory services. A major achievement for the company was the launch in 2012/13 of the first call centre operated by an Iranian brokerage company. A major achievement in 2013/14 was the improvement of its rank in the Commodities Exchange List, from 73rd to 23rd member company.
Registered in 2007, the Hafez Saman Iranian Credit Scoring Company provides credit-scoring services under an Experian license. The Iranian Credit Scoring System was implemented in Saman Bank’s branch network in early 2012 and currently operates using credit reporting as well as individual and corporate credit-scoring tools.
Saman Pardazeshgaran Company was created in 2011 to design, develop and support core banking-based products and tools required by the Bank. The Company also designs and develops comprehensive business systems, business procedure re-engineering systems (BPR) and management advisory services, and also oversees the operation of modern banking technologies. This is in addition to mechanising and operating administration systems. In 2013/14, Saman Pardazeshgaran acquired the Grade 2 ranking in software from the High Council of Informatics. Adonis Electronic Services Development company as a subordinate company to Saman Pardazeshgaran was launched in 2012 to provide sale and after-sale services for electronic systems. Tondar Noor Software Company - active in import, design, production, support and development of hardware products - is another company subordinate to Saman Pardazeshgaran.
The Saman Aftab Tejarat  Servicing Company was established in 2011. Its primary purpose was to handle the administrative tasks for casual workers providing a service to Saman Bank. Further to the subsequent approval by Saman Bank’s Board of Directors, part of the bank’s logistics services (including technical affairs, repairs, maintenance and branch utilities) falls under the remit of this company.
With the cooperation of Tejarat Bank and the Middle East Bank, based on a license from the Higher Council of Stock Exchanges and the agreement of the Central Bank of Iran, Kardan Investment Company was established by Saman Bank and incorporated in 2013. The purpose of Kardan is investment, corporate finance and lending.